About Dead Sea Goddess

platinum “Becoming involved with Seacret has changed my life in many different ways.

Working with Seacret Direct has given me a huge sense of belonging in an amazing group of like-minded people. Our Seacret family and team is so supportive of each other’s success, always willing to help out with advice, tips and business ideas, online support and much more. Seacret has allowed me to continue working from home, giving me ultimate flexibility in my life. I am able to choose the time spent on my business as I see fit. I am able to maintain my business goals while balancing my personal goals.

Seacret has also provided me with additional income to spend on things that I enjoy doing including traveling, taking in hockey games back in Canada and enjoying time with family & friends.  I was also able to use my ‘Drive Your Dream’ bonus on the purchase of a vehicle in the summer of 2013!  

My husband and I both work in Mexico and I am able to work on my Seacret business in both of the countries I live in.  I am so happy to have become involved in such a positive, supportive and exciting company…and this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

– Erin May-

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