How to Get Started With Seacret

It`s so easy to get started with Seacret Direct and there is so much opportunity for wealth sharing.  Our amazing compensation plan will ensure your success as a new entrepreneur. 

Follow these easy steps for enrollment and start watching your business grow!

Step 1: Enroll as a Seacret Agent

Enrollment fees are only $49 (US) and $59 (CAD) per year.

Step 2:  Purchase your Product

Select one of three starter packs to get you started and ready for your first ‘Wow’ Spa Party.

Step 3: Receive your product & launch kit which includes:

  • Your SEACRET Agent briefcase containing all of the resources and materials to get you started.
  • Marketing and sales tools. 
  • Audio CD’s to give you a fast track to learning.
  • Save up to 50% on retail pricing.
  • Access to live training calls 5 days a week. 
  • Full phone or email support for questions, feedback and information.
  • AMAZING SEACRET products that sell themselves!
  • Your own personalized retail website ($399 Value)
    • Personalized with your information
    • Sets up instantly on signup
    • Takes orders while you sleep
    • Track customer transactions
    • Track commissions
    • Access tools to help build your business

Step 4: Start Earning Money!

SEACRET has created a compensation plan that rewards its’ distributors for hard work and diligence. The SEACRET compensation plan is extremely competitive, giving their distributors 5 essential ways to make money. Join today and start building your business!


Register and Started Today!

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