How to Get Started With Seacret

It`s so easy to get started with Seacret Direct and there is so much opportunity for wealth sharing.  Our amazing compensation plan will ensure your success as a new entrepreneur.  Follow these easy steps for enrollment and start watching your business grow!

Step 1: Enroll as a Seacret Agent

Order your launch kit for $99 (US) and $119 (CAD), which contains what you need to understand the story and benefits of the Dead Sea, beginning with small samples of Salt, Minerals and Mud. This kit also contains an IT book and compensation guide that you can use as a resource, reference guide and business calendar together with a loadable USB, online technology, apps and back office and tools that will grow your Seacret Life. 

Step 2:  Purchase your Product

Select one of three starter packs to get you started and ready for your first ‘Wow’ Spa Party.

Step 3: Set yourself up with your monthly replenishment

Setting up a replenishment is optional, but will help ensure you continually remain active and receive commissions!

Step 4: Receive your product & book your first party to launch your business!

Step 5: Start Earning Money!

SEACRET has created a compensation plan that rewards its’ distributors for hard work and diligence. The SEACRET compensation plan is extremely competitive, giving their distributors 5 essential ways to make money. Join today and start building your business!

Register and Started Today!

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