Eye Makeup Remover Now Available in Canada!

available_now_banner Seacret promised, and they’ve delivered! The oh-so-popular Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover is now available in Canada. And we couldn’t be more excited!

Eye makeup such as waterproof mascara is particularly difficult to remove around the delicate area causing fine lines and wrinkles when getting scrubbed off every day. In additional leftover makeup that is not removed can trap unwanted oils, sweat, dirt, toxins and harmful bacteria that your pores have been exposed to throughout the day.

Seacret dual phase eye makeup removerThis is why Seacret created the all new Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover. A groundbreaking announcement in makeup removal technology.  This new formula was made using Seacret’s combination of science and nature. In the first phase a silicon base cleanser gently breaks off and removes the dirt and make up from your face and eyes. In the second phase Dead Sea mineral water is instilled with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Chamomile, cleansing, cooling, protecting and nourishing your delicate eye area without leaving a trace.

This formula is completely free of parabens, oils and fragrances. The true secret is the renowned minerals from the Dead Sea.

This product is part of groundbreaking technology in make up removal and is available as part of our VIP Customer program or by purchase at retail pricing.



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