New year’s resolutions for your skin

seacret-new-year-new-skinIt’s a new year and with it comes new resolutions and goals we wish to achieve. Make 2015 your year to shine…the healthy, glowing kind that is!

If you are going to do one thing for your skin this year, make it this…

Skin Type: Sensitive

New Year’s Resolution: Try something new! People with sensitive skin are fearful of the dreaded ‘E’ word. Exfoliation! That is until you’ve tried Seacret’s Mineral Rich Peeling Gel. This power packed exfoliant is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, papaya, ginseng and aloe vera to gently exfoliate the skin, helping to remove direct and build-up.  Our favorite ingredient in the Peeling Gel is the cucumber extract, a natural bleacher, which naturally lightens sun and age spots.What’s left? Soft, smooth, fresh skin you will love! 

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Skin Type: Combination, Blemish-prone

New Year’s Resolution: Get Muddy! If you have oily or blemish prone skin you will love our Dead Sea Mud Soap and Clarifying Mud Mask combo. These two power packed products are made with Dead Sea mud which reach deep into the pores, thoroughly cleansing and removing grime which impedes the nourishing process. They also are infused with Hamamelis Extract, also known as Witch Hazel Extract. This amazing ingredient is a great astringent and anti-oxidant. It is a very mild ingredient and has not been found to be irritating. It is actually found to do the opposite and calm irritated skin. It is often used to fight acne, reduce pore size and reduce puffiness.

Skin Type: Dry

New Year’s Resolution: Quench your skin. Dry skin needs hydration, especially in the winter season. Quench your skin’s thirst by using Seacret’s Intensive Moisturizer. It contains Dead Sea Minerals to replenish moisture all day long; a mulit-vitamin compound for maximum protection against Free-Radicals and relaxing agents for a fresh, youthful look.  Need an Age Defy moisturizer?  Try Seacret’s REFRESH Vitamin Rich Moisturizer.  Packed with Peptide Technology and Anti-aging agents this cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin radiant and younger-looking. Enriched with Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A and E filled capsules, a powerful anti-oxidant complex, blends into your skin helping to reduce the look of aging. Formulated with mineral salts from the Dead Sea, Olive, Evening Primrose, and Grape seed oils, REFRESH Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer provides your skin with much needed moisture throughout the day and into the night.

Here’s to a glowing 2015!

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I am a Platinum Agent with Seacret Direct. I have had much success with Seacret and am excited to share my experience & knowledge in getting started and becoming successful in this business. I also love helping people find the perfect skin care regime for their skin type so they look and feel great!

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