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SEACRET’s skincare line is an excellent add-on to your salon and spa business providing you with in increased profit margin and lucrative income stream.  Manufactured by the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company, our skincare products have amazing and effective results for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions and simply sell themselves.

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Your clients will love Seacret.

How Do I Earn Money as a Distributor with SEACRET?

We have an amazing Compensation Plan.  There are so many ways that your business can earn money with SEACRET:

Retail Sales Profit

This is the best and first way to earn because its where your truly unlimited success comes from.

  • Simply purchase products up front at wholesale prices and sell them at the retail price in your spa.
  • Send people to your website and have them order online – you then get a check for the difference between the retail and the wholesale price.
  • Earn Money by Selling Seacret’s popular line for retail prices at spa parties, salons, at home or with your FREE website.  
  • Your new & returning customers can order Seacret products online using your free & professional website, earning your revenue each week.


Seacret age defying line with peptides

Seacret’s Age Defying Line with Peptides.

Preferred Customers

Preferred Customers (PCs) are customers who have enrolled in the SEACRET™ Replenishment Program. This means they have chosen to have pre-packaged product collections, starting at approximately $50 and up (35 BV* and up), shipped automatically to their address each month.  This commitment to purchase entitles them to receive discounted pricing, exclusive product promotions, loyalty reward incentives and free gifts throughout the term of their enrollment.

Preferred Customer Commissions Enrolling Preferred Customers is a great way for your business to build a residual income. For each month your PC is charged for their Replenishment package, you can earn anywhere from 20% to 25% of the BV automatically! A minimum of 200 TPV** must be achieved every four weeks to receive PC commissions. PCs also have the option to pause their auto-shipments for 1 month every 6 months and still retain all their PC benefits. If a PC elects not to participate in the monthly Replenishment program they simply pay the retail price.

Refer 4 and Pay No More

As a business you can earn free product simply by referring 4 clients to the Preferred Customer Program. Every time you or one of your PCs refer another Preferred Customer, you will receive product credit redeemable towards your favorite SEACRET™ products; while increasing your volume and monthly residual income.

What about Inventory?  

There is little to no inventory required as your clients can order online and have SEACRET products shipped right to their doorSalon and Spa owners make excellent distributors of these fabulous products.  

How do I become a Distributor?

Simply fill out the below form and I will contact you right away to answer any of your questions and get you started.


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