Seacret Skin Care – Top 3 Things to Try This Month

Spring is in the air and it’s a great time to try a new product, skin care line and regimen to kickstart your skin back into shape for the season! Check out our Top 3 Must-Haves for Spring:

seacret salt and oil scrub#1 Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Seacret’s Dead Sea Salt contains a unique combination of Dead Sea Minerals, plant extracts & aromatic oils. The salt scrub exfoliates, softens & nourishes skin, helping to regain and retain a healthy, radiant glow.

Natural key ingredients in Seacret’s Salt Scrub include chamomile extract, Jojoba Oil & Honey Extract. 

seacret nail care collection

#2 Nail Care Collection

Concerned about the way your nails look and feel? Tired of using unnatural chemicals? Seacret presents a special way to care for your nails, including a custom-designed nail buffing block, nail file, nourishing cuticle oil, and our own Dead Sea Minerals rich body lotion. Get ready to be amazed by this unique product!

This package contains Seacret Body Lotion in your choice of scent (Milk & Honey, Ocean Mist and Pomegranate), Cuticle Oil, Nail File & Buffing Block


#3 Recover Masque

Recover your skin’s youthful beauty with Recover Day Masque. Seacret’s revolutionary new mask, with patented silica microstructures that bind together to physically lift and smooth your skin, instantly diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

With consistent use, the Day Masque works to break the aging cycle, for amazing results – without needles or surgery. For a special occasion, or no occasion at all, look years younger with Seacret’s Recover Day Masque, enriched with Dead Sea Minerals. Masque your age.


About Erin May

I am a Platinum Agent with Seacret Direct. I have had much success with Seacret and am excited to share my experience & knowledge in getting started and becoming successful in this business. I also love helping people find the perfect skin care regime for their skin type so they look and feel great!

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