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SEACRET STORYMy husband came home one day in 2008 with a gift for me. He told me he had gone to the mall in Calgary and was asked by a representative at a Seacret Dead Sea store if he wanted to try some Dead Sea Salt Scrub. My hubby, being the ‘yes’ man that he is thought he’d give it a try. The mall patron gently scrubbed his hands with the scrub, leaving them soft and feeling great. He was sold. He purchased a Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Body Butter and brought them home for me. How sweet! I loved the product as soon as I tried it. My hands and body never felt softer. And let me tell you, living in Calgary, your skin gets awfully dry. I used the products until they were gone…then forgot all about Seacret.

Until 3 years later…

I got a call from a friend the fall of 2010. She told me she had just become a distributor for a high end skin care line that had just launched into direct sales. She said the name of the company was Seacret Direct. I instantly remembered the products I had enjoyed from a few years back. Seacret had nearly a billion dollars in sales in over 40 countries and was launching in Canada.  After a day of pondering I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to start a new business with Seacret. Here’s why:

Number one, the products were already successful. They had been selling in over 40 countries. I knew I loved the products and clearly customers loved them too. They work! The Dead Sea minerals had proven effective for me and others with dry or problematic skin, acne, eczema, fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, skin care and skin care products are recession proof. Everyone wants to look youthful and have great skin!

Number two, the company was new to direct sales. Getting involved in a new direct sales company (that already has a proven product) is a no brainer.  Opportunity was a-knocking! I knew that getting in on the ground floor was a great idea.

Number three, the compensation plan. I had never been involved in a direct sales company, nor would I EVER call myself strong in sales. However, the ways you get paid with Seacret Direct ensures your success. Word of mouth marketing is the way of the future. If you can talk and are excited about a product, you’ll be successful with Seacret.

I’ve been with Seacret for 3 years this coming November. I have not regretted getting involved in this business ever. Not only has it given me a steady stream of income each week, it has given me confidence and has allowed me to meet some fantastic people and gain some excellent knowledge, training and new skills. I truly think that every household should have an at home business. Think of the tax write-offs! 

So how exactly can you be successful as a Seacret Distributor? Here are my 3 biggest tips and words of advice:

1.  It is a business, think of it as one. The magic money isn’t going to start flowing in just because you bought the kit and your products. It takes work. It takes exposing and marketing your business. 

2. Make your prospects come to you. I knew I sucked at sales. But I had a way of setting my business up so that people contacted me who were interested in the business. Interested in knowing how I do this? Become a distributor on my team and let me mentor you!

3. Think outside the box and get out of your comfort zone. The old ways of doing things are not working. Yes you can get your friends together for a party or two in order for you to get customers. But there is more to direct sales than parties. It’s about building your business, marketing yourself, growing and motivating your team and being a leader. 


Seacret Direct can offer you a business opportunity with flexible hours and residual income.  Contact me today if you would like to partner with this billion dollar company. 


About Erin May

I am a Platinum Agent with Seacret Direct. I have had much success with Seacret and am excited to share my experience & knowledge in getting started and becoming successful in this business. I also love helping people find the perfect skin care regime for their skin type so they look and feel great!

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