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seacret skin careSeacret skin care is essential to refreshing dull, tired looking skin.  Seacret’s Vitamin Rich Moisturizer has unique Peptides and Anti- Aging agents.  This age defying cream leaves skin radiant and younger-looking.  It is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamins C, Vitamins A and E filled capsules that serve as a powerful anti-oxidant complex that blends into your skin to bring out your natural, youthful look. Formulated with mineral salts from the Dead Sea, Olive, Evening Primrose and Grape seed oils, REFRESH Vitamin-Rich moisturizer is an essential part of the Seacret skin care regime. 


Skin Type: All Skin Types

Great for: Giving your skin much needed moisture throughout the day and into the evening.

How to Use:   

• Apply SEACRET’s Dead Sea REFRESH Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer every morning on clean face and neck as part of your daily Seacret skin care routine. 

• Gently massage until Dead Sea Minerals are fully absorbed.

• Recommended to use after the Age-Defying RESTORE Facial Serum to maximize the results for your full Dead Sea Cosmetics routine.

Main Ingredients in Seacret’s REFRESH Vitamin Rich Moisturizer include:

dead sea mineralsDead Sea Minerals: The Dead Sea, the world’s largest Natural Spa contains 26 essential minerals, 12 of which do not exist in any other sea or ocean in the world. These minerals have rejuvenating qualities including skin nourishment and distinctive healing abilities for many diseases and disorders.

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cucumber extractCucumber Extract: has an extremely soothing effect on the skin. Composed of 90% water, amino acids, proteins, lipids, and Vitamin C it serves as an antioxidant to soothe skin irritation and relieve puffy skin. Its extract has anti-inflammatory & anti-itch properties good for cuts, burns and bug bites. 

chamomile oilChamomile: contains phenolic derivatives, which have an antiseptic and healing quality. Chamomile softens the skin and has effective wound healing properties. Chamomile is great for skin problems such as rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, hypersensitive skin and allergic conditions. It also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory for skin.

Aloe VeraAloe Vera: improves the skin’s ability to hydrate itself and aids in the removal of dead skin cells. It helps transport healthy substances through the skin and aids in slowing down the appearance of wrinkles as it can actively repair the damaged skin cells that cause the visible signs of aging. Aloe Vera also reverses degenerative skin changes by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.

Primrose oil

Evening primrose: this oil is rich in ingredients essential for cell structure and rejuvenating process of skin. It prevents anti-aging problems such as sagging skin, dry and rough skin. It promotes good skin coloration and lightens dark circles around the eyes. Also found very beneficial in treating several skin disorders like eczema, rosacea, atopic dermatitis and even calming acne flare ups.

glycerinGlycerin: used in Seacret skin care products because of its humectant properties, glycerin is a great moisturizing agent. Glycerin attracts water to the skin, creating a positive / negative attraction allowing the skin to absorb much needed moisture easily. It is also used in cosmetics as a barrier, preventing moisture loss so the skin stays hydrated longer.

essential oils for skin

Grapeseed Oil: this oil is rich in antioxidants, fights free radicals, and is well known for its nourishing properties. It promotes tissue regeneration, skin tightening and toning for its unique ability to lock in moisture and so minimizes appearance of wrinkles. It also aids in treating face acne because of its anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties.

 lactic acidLactic acid: this Seacret skin care ingredient helps skin absorb cosmetics and moisturizers better. It is also widely used for its ability to accelerate the skins natural shedding process as an Alpha hydroxyl acid.

dry flaky skin

Olive Oil: this soothing, healing oil is the perfect natural lubricant in Seacret skin care products. It’s antioxidants, including vitamins E and A, repair skin damage caused by weather, sun and air pollution. They also stimulate skin cells, promoting faster regrowth and repair and slowing the skin-aging process. Olive oil can make skin appear firmer and smoother, while it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

UreaUrea: this is widely used in Seacret skin care because of its hydrating properties. It is also a great and widely used preservative in cosmetics. It has been found to prevent sun radiation from aging the skin. 

Vitamin A

Vitamin A: this Seacret skin care ingredient has great anti-ageing, superb anti-oxidant and moisturizing capabilities. It accelerates cell renewal and stimulates the fibroblast and collagen in the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. 

Vitamin CVitamin C: considered to be a potent antioxidant, Vitamin C is required for at least 300 metabolic functions in the body, including tissues grows and repair. It increases collagen production, reduces the appearance of skin discolorations, strengthens skin’s barrier response, enhances skin’s repair process and reduces inflammation.

Peach oil

Peach kernel oil: rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid and oleic acid, this oil helps skin to lock in the moisture and retain elasticity. It is rich in antioxidants, has anti aging properties and tightens pores. It also repairs inflamed skin, eczema and psoriasis.

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